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Wild Wing Lodge
  PO Box 48
Sturgis, KY 42459-0048
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  Ronnie Rich
Phone: 270-965-0026 Cell: 270-952-2055
Fax: 270-639-6101
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Public or Private Destination: Public
Type of Shoots: Field
Game Offered: Quail, Pheasant, Chukar, Huns, Turkey
Other Hunting/Sporting Opportunities: Deer Hunting, Bowhunting

Additional Info

1. A remote area with exclusive access and abundant wildlife creates “The Wild Wing Difference”
2. Game includes upland game (quail, pheasant, Chukar, Hungarian Partridge), turke
y, and whitetail deer
3. No-limit format; not a high-fence operation
4. Our professionally trained English pointers and English setters are steady to wing and shot
5. Your dogs are welcome
6. The lodge features a rustic “days of old” theme for your comfort and relaxation
7. When hunting in a group of three or more, the lodge and grounds are yours alone
8. All hunts are two-gun minimum and include overnight lodging and meals
Upland Game

The mainstay of Wild Wing Lodge & Kennel is our upland bird hunting. We offer quail, pheasant, Chukar, and Hungarian Partridge, in a no-limit format.

Our fields of native, warm-season grasses and milo, combined with the use and establishment of more than 40 “Covey Base Camps,” ensures your opportunity at more than 30 coveys of wild, hard-flying birds per day. Some coveys are as large as 100 birds. This, combined with our staunch, well-trained English Pointers and English Setters that retrieve to your hand, will certainly make your Wild Wing experience a memorable one.


Through intense management practices, including limited hunting pressure, a wild turkey mecca has been created at Wild Wing Lodge & Kennel. With 3,000 acres of hardwoods, bottomlands, scattered, open fields, and food plots—and only four hunters per hunt—pressure on the birds is not a problem.

A professional and courteous guide knowledgeable about wild turkey and the area will guide all hunts. The use of double bull blinds creates a comfortable and rewarding hunt under any conditions.

Wild Wing Lodge & Kennel turkey hunts include three days of hunting with guide and blind and four nights’ lodging in our comfortable, rustic hunting lodge, including meals prepared by our chef.


Our professionally trained English Pointers and English Setters are bred from some of the finest lines available. All of our dogs are steady to wing and shot, which makes them a pleasure to hunt over. And, because they are under the absolute control of our dog handlers, you’ll have more chances for follow-up shots on late-rising birds.

Your dogs are also welcome at Wild Wing Lodge & Kennel.

Our training is done by professional handlers and trainers with 25 years in upland bird dog training and a reputation for excellence. We expose dogs to more contacts during training than most dogs encounter in a lifetime. Our quality gun dogs are pleasing to watch, functional for the walking bird hunter, and exhibit style and intensity around game, with a desire to produce game for the owner.

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